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Brighter Day Foundation Training Days To many often we see volunteers having the feeling they are only important when it comes to fundraising events or community projects. Important to get the job done and to be called in for the next project. A feeling you don't want to leave behind as legacy of your organization.  The Brighter Day was founded in 2008 and is effectively running since 2012. We invested 4 years in the set up of the foundation.  We have  8 dedicated workers (volunteers - target 12) and had over 50+ volunteers helping out during our projects.  Those are the people who have invested their time and heart felled passion to work for and with us.  Our youngest volunteer is 4 years old and has been given the opportunity to grow her own fundraising project in the company. * If you look below the homepage you can click on the workers pictures and see WHO they are and WHAT they stand for. Training & Workshop At the Brighter Day foundation we want to make a difference in how we work with our workers and volunteers. At the beginning of every year it's important for the BDF to train her staff in every area possible.
IMG_1929 Training your team is important because of the following reasons: 1. Investing in your workers, having genuine  interest in their developing skill, provides zeal to work with the foundation. 2. Guiding your workers in their journey helps them to become effective volunteer to effectively run a department or task given. 3. Finding time to get to know them personally makes way know them for who they really are. 4. It gives you the opportunity to appreciate them for their workmanship & time invested 5. It Provides the knowledge and skills that they needed 6. Creates opportunities for them to impact their personal life & community 7. Be transparent about the workflow of the foundation Let's GO! From January  to May 2015 the workers are trained in their work field or department by expert and the management.  The training  entails workshops, department goals review, foundation targets and progress of the individual in the BDF. In that same period of the year we have a clear view on how effective the team is functioning and the areas we have to grow or excel. If you want to become a volunteer or worker, please send us and email or click on the link below. I Want to become a Volunteer!

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