The Brighter Day Foundation recently launched their first crowdfunding. The Crowdfunding is to support the upcoming project called I AM Bootcamp. Our target is to host 3 Bootcamps a year, whereby we give youngsters between the ages 18 to 30 years the opportunity to work on their personal life. With the help of professionals, life coaches, motivators, community and family members. The Fundraising is to fund the project and also help youngster in the community to get them back on their feet. Helping them to get a job, get back into school, support feeding programs, train them to become the "dream" that may seem unrealistic. NOTE! Donations made by the I AM students are used for the Brighter Day Foundation projects. Please visit the website to sponsor the upcoming I AM Bootcamp - Young Adult Edition 2015 https://www.4just1.com/project/838

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