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Pictures by Keysh photography  © Brighter Day Foundation
www.keyshphotography.com by Keshia Danso

Dear I AM Class 2015,

1 Day on the 7th of January was a Comfort Zone
3 Days later on the 10th of January “I want to Leave”
13 days Gone – Decisions made between Existing or Living 
31 days To Go until the IAM Graduation
2 students Left Behind & said Goodbye to the IAM Journey
21 days of Confronting Life Question after 22:00 LIGHTS OFF!

2 Sessions Passed- 2 Sessions Left
1 Coach changing mind sets in Finding your personal IAM purpose
4 Saturdays, 7 Mirrors, Chains Broken, 1 Inspirational Life StoryTeller
1 Coach moving from the Past into the Future to the Untold Story
1 Mentor who has no sec, not even a hour or 1 day to waist
11 Days left before the ONE on ONE takes place for 21 Days

How many will survive the IAM Arena?