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I AM Diary

On the 4th of July 2015 the I AM Arena was filled with New students ready to take the challenge. A Challenge to Discover Who they are & What they stand for in Life. A simple question: "What is the meaning of your Name?" was the beginning of their Journey. Many of us are unaware how influencial our Names can be. To the extend how your name can build your Character. What is the story behind your N A M E? ‪#‎Brighterdayfoundation‬ ‪#‎Day1‬ 10th July 2015 Week 2 - Session 2 "I AM Blueprint" How to discover your purpose? What is your personal vision & mission? Are you LIVING or EXSISTING? @Cynthia Ricardo shared her view & personal life experience on how she discoverd "purpose".
Highlights from this session: "I got work to do, can't wait to start writting; I have waisted precious time; It was hard to say NO I can't, My opportunity was just infront of me but i was not sure, People think I am not able to...... " The I AM students experienced the session as: " confronting, enlightening, clear, revealing, no words, inspiring and challenging" Day 3 On the 20th of July 2015 ....How Many students Left in the I AM Arena? Being confronted with yourself is not always a journey one wants to take. A Journey being confronted with "hidden closets" events, mythes, forgotten succes stories & achievements, blessings, life savers, melodies and smells. All factors of who we are as individuals. Or a scar that tells a life time story, yet takes time to recognize, clean and heal. WEEK 3: Ingemar Francisca shared her story. "I remember a little Girl of 9 years old......"