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The city Council in Amsterdam Southeast have been debating about several social issues in the community concerning education,  high school drop outs, single/ teen parents and job opportunities. Social issues that could not remain debate subjects. Appointed district leaders were assigned  to find organizations and young community leaders. Those who can be of influence to organize programs, projects and workshops to highlight the social issues in the community. unnamed One of the young community leaders is Maame Durowah Okai the founder of the Brighter Day foundation. She accepted the proposal to help create awareness in the community and the I AM mentoring program was introduced to the City Council Amsterdam (Together with the I AM team  and coaches Ingemar Francisca & Cynthia Ricardo). On the 7th of January 2015 the journey started. The night was opened with an inspirational speech by Maame Durowah Okai the Founder of the Brighter Day foundation and the project developer of the I AM Program. She gave the I AM students a glimpse about the Journey ahead. A “selfish” journey how she described it. She shared a page of her upcoming book: “I have never become who I AM; about the importance to discover yourself. A Journey she had to go through herself which eventually turned out to the become the I AM program, which over 75 individuals have been part of. “Many are walking around with Identities of others, living double lives or having a big smile on their face but are slowly dying from the inside”. The I AM students gathered every Saturday in the I AM Arena. “Its early in the morning. A "hardcore" class with amazing life stories. Many who left school or are in school but clueless, having a job they hate, were at the point to physically give up in life, didn't know what to do with their Gift & Talents, Unbelieve, Perfect with a Mask, Needed to forgive themselves, the situation & others, Growing & wanting to get more out of themselves etc. 4 wks one room, every Saturday, 22 survivors! The Group dynamic was amazing & i'm grateful for the no nonsense attitude, real talk & no mask… this is "ME"! We are proud of ya’ll. All different but one purpose- in the search of the "I AM" the original Blueprint. No sec, min, hour or day to waist… Post  7th feb 2015 After that they went through an intensive "one on one" coaching session for another 3 weeks. At the end of the road out of the 54 participants, 25 students were selected, out of that 21 survived and received a certificate of Completion. On the 21st of February 2015 , 21 students living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands graduated from the I AM Bootcamp "Community edition". This was the first edition the Brighter Day Foundation held in collaboration with the city council of Amsterdam, the Southeast district.
The Journey in finding their identity and discovering their purpose which will enable them to maximize their potential to impact their family, community and generation. DSC_0708
  “I took part in the IAM Boot Camp as a Trainer because it is an honor to invest in young people. If I had the opportunity as a 24 years old young lady, someone who provided me life lessons my life had maybe different. Yet with the knowledge I have gained, I can transfer that to the young generation”. Coach Ingmar Francisca