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Welcome to the Kingdom Citizen Center. You are not here by coincidence; this time is strategically set apart in your Life. For years we discover new things about ourselves in life; ‘predestined’ discoveries, man-made desires, and plans but is it part of the real You? Today is the time to go on this hardcore journey and have a reality check. Can you be open and trust to make that change in your life or will you keep on existing leaving this place the same? Do you want to make that impact in your family, community or generation?

The Kingdom Citizen Center provides training and counseling. The programs are based on personal and community development, meditation & leadership. We have distant programs for the regions, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium & France.

The official launch of the Kingdom Citizen Center will be in 2020.

Good Bye I AM Program?

At the end of December 2018 as a 10th-year-anniversary gift the founder of Brighter Day foundation, Maame Durowah Okai announced the birth of the Kingdom Citizen Center (KCC). In 2019 all the educational projects, The I AM Mentoring program, I Am Bootcamp and The Kingdom Citizen Tour within the Brighter Day will function under the Training and Counseling Center. The official launch of the center will be during the I AM Master Class Reunion 2020 in the Netherlands.

".....For the past 7 years, it has been a privilege to serve individuals and communities with the I AM Program (several countries in EU & Jamaica). There has been a visible impact and growth in hosting different cultural and diverse groups, leaders, organizations from ages 16 - 60 years old. .....Hearing the testimonies of participants years later of how a tour, a boot camp or mentoring program has made an impact is priceless!... "

Launch of the Kingdom Citizen Tour 2018

The Kingdom Citizen Tour was launched in the year 2018 based on the maiden book “I Have never become who I am”. A Journey in Finding you by Maame Durowah Okai. The tour took place in Germany, The Netherlands & Italy.

The Kingdom citizen tour takes you on this hardcore journey to have a reality check on yourself. It's the season of discovery, change, and restoration. A place where one can be open in making necessary changes in their personal life. 

The purpose of the tour is to help one creatively discover their purpose and to maximize their potential. It is Maame Durowah Okai’s  personal “Mission” to inspire and guide individuals to creatively discover their authentic self, that will enable them to understand their purpose to impact their family, community and generation

{VISION & MISSION} The Tour entails personal life lessons; stories of how one discovered purpose through the obstacles in life and reveals how it was enabled by going beyond limitations and breaking the status quo. The mission of this tour is to learn, rise and take leadership. 

The first Kingdom Citizen Tour " I Have Never Become Who I Am" took place in Hamburg, Germany which was worthwhile and practical. A 5 1/2 hour seminar to create awareness through writing & pictures; helping 30 amazing people in a creative way to discover a purpose or get the necessary tools to further their Life Journey as a Kingdom Citizen. Understanding the importance of life and that the challenges they face will work out for their “Good”. Seasons of breaking, shaping & being 'formed' to say: “I will become who I AM”