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Abigail Agyeiwaa Dankyira
Project Coordinator (GH)
Abigail is a motivator, a christian who loves to make her Faith known through her Life. She love spending time with her family and loved ones. Abigail is recognized as a passionate leader who loves working with the youth and young adults; inspiring them to live life to the fullest.  "She gets the work done without complaining!"

At this moment she works as a Company Representative at Blenheim and Moorcroft in Ghana, Accra. Furthermore she church with International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) and work with the information and media department. She graduated from the University of Ghana with BA honors in Sociology and Political Science.

10470164_352449438241377_4752288964223879884_o ________________________________________________________  

I AM: Abigail A. Dankyira I LOVE: Reading and listening to music I DO: Communications; public relations and journalism I WORK: Project Coordinator in Ghana

  ______________________________________________________________ Change begins with ONE When it comes to international social work and community development Abigail has her personal view. This is her statement: It's very important to make a difference in your community. That's why I like working with people who are determined to affect change, people I can always learn from and people who respect my opinions. ‘sometimes all it takes is just one act of kindness to affect change’, ‘when you believe the world can change and become better, know that it begins with you’ I stand for Change that begins with one. It can be to change one thing which affects a lot of other things. It’s said one bad nut spoils the whole soup but I will say, one good nut contributes to making the whole soup taste better. It takes one to make a difference and affect change. To whom much I given much I expected. ________________________________________________________________