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Maame Durowah Okai
Founder & Project manager

Maame Durowah is a Ghanaian living in the Netherlands. She is an international speaker, mentor, youth care social worker and writer. She is the founder and project manager of the Brighter Day Foundation an international social work & community development organization. She creatively inspires (also through dance), guides individuals to discover their authentic self to enable them to understand their purpose to impact their family, community and generation.

Maame Durowah develops and provides practical leadership programs to empower individuals and organizations. She is described as a woman of revelatory insight and passion for the orphans, youth and young adults. At date she is writing her very first book with the subtitle: "I have never become who I am". To find out more about Miss Maame Durowah Okai, click the link below http://brighterdayfoundation.com/foundermaamedurowah/  _________________________________________________________________