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Maame Durowah Okai
Founder & Project manager

Maame Durowah is a Ghanaian living in the Netherlands. She is an international speaker, mentor, youth care social worker and writer. She is the founder and project manager of the Brighter Day Foundation an international social work & community development organization. She creatively inspires (also through dance), guides individuals to discover their authentic self to enable them to understand their purpose to impact their family, community and generation.

Maame Durowah develops and provides practical leadership programs to empower individuals and organizations. She is described as a woman of revelatory insight and passion for the orphans, youth and young adults. At date she is writing her very first book with the subtitle: “I have never become who I am”.


MAD Life Quotes:

Finding YOU is living LIFE and Living LIFE is Living YOU!

Keep the Fire & Keep the Balance!



 Ghanaian Role Models making a Difference in the Ghanaian community – Amsterdam

In relation to recent publications by the Government in Amsterdam about “poverty” among the Ghanaian Youth, a number of action groups have been set up by Stadsdeel Southeast to look for the causes of this unpleasant situation, find solutions, and the way forward.

Action group 3, one of the 6 action groups set by Stadsdeel Southeast, has formed a team, comprising of young talented Ghanaians. Who will be trained to become trainers or rolmodels within the Ghanaian Community. They will in-future, organize forums, which will be a platform to educate the Ghanaian youth in all areas of life.

Series of positive interactions has already taken place with some of the youth. They have come to the realization that its time to engage the youth in conversations or discussions with the elderly.


On the 26th of July Mr. Sam Danso known as Uncle Sam, Ivy Asare Oduro and Maame Durowah Kan were invited to Spirit FM to have a chat with Mr. Quayson Kay (founder).


* Relationship between the youth and parents
* Expectations from parents and vice versa

* Some differences between the Ghanaian and Dutch Culture in the area of child raising






Article about the current city council in the Netherlands, 20-march-2014, Zuidoostamsterdam.nl , Issue nr. 6

Amsterdam Southeast is changing its name into Amsterdam. I think it’s more of a coherent whole. A board for different regions. That also means you have more votes for a decision. People who had less to say, may come out their hidden places to make their voice known, although this is dependent on the social issue. At this time, everything remains a bit stuck in Southeast.

S10521940_10153133614301494_764870057_noutheast has so much to offer to the rest of the City. We have the Bijlmerpark, we have Arena Boulevard. Recognize this is Southeast, a great part of town. When we talk about the future, I think we should listen more to young people, our target group, the once I work with everyday. 

What are the things they are facing? The youngster have problems and need help, but the current offer is often not adjusted to the target group. Opportunities are there, but sometimes unreachable. Shame also plays a role. I would say, be consistent and inline with what they need.



Article about impacting the community or society with the Help of God ,
 IMPACT, Issue nr. 1

impact magz

Impact is a Christian youth magazine which features youth from different parts of Europe who share their past lives and experiences with the readers. This magazine aims to help and encourage any one who wants to have an impact in the community or society in which he lived in with the help of God. Through the eyes of these participants you will come to know how they have developed as Christians and are still pressing on in life irrespective of the challenges and struggles. Reiny Oppong the senior editor of Impact hopes that the magazine inspires and challenges people to explore and know more about your worth.

Reiny Oppong – Senior Editor IMPACT



Motivational speaker at Re- Start with Renate Boston – founder of Re-Boost,
9 october 2014 , The Netherlands

Alles wat ze zegt is al een keer gezegd maar wat haar hierin zo mooi en inspirerend maakt is de manier waarop. Ze houd het heel dicht bij zichzelf en weet de aandacht goed te trekken en vast te houden. Dammmhhh wat doet ze dat goed. Marnie Snip (Dutch)

Everything she says is already once told but what makes it so beautiful and inspiring is the way she does it. She keeps it very close to herself and knows how to keep the attention and hold it. …She does it so well!! Marnie Snip (English)


She was actualy quite good. Now I have a very clear picture of the new generation and I learned allot myself. Martin Caupauin 

Click on  >>> Re-Start 9th october 2014 Motivational Speech



After five years of writing and research the I AM program was developed in January 2013. The I AM program is a mentoring program that helps individuals to work on their personal development.  The ability to  discover, grow, and excel in every area of ones life.  The focus is specifically on the BIG 6 – Spiritual, Physical, Professional, Finance, Personal and Relationship


Project Developer, Coach & Founder of the IAM Mentoring Program  –
More info I AM Program or I AM Mentoring Program Page


Gerry is the author of international bestselling book The Millionaire Mindset. His next book will be out later this year entitled PUBLISH A Book & Grow RICH.

I don’t care how successful you are, I don’t care how down you’ve been, I don’t care what obstacles you’re facing. You could do more, have more, and be more in life.”- Gerry Robert

Maame Durowah is working on her “First Book Journal”- Stay posted!


 29th november 2014, Ghanaian Train Trainers Project, Improving “ME” is to impact the Ghanaian Community , Amsterdam  *Community leader & Trainer


girl in control

Girl in Control! – 11 December 2014, No Limit! , The Netherlands
Inspiring young girls from the ages 7-16 year old about Rolemodels & Roots  

What a night filled with young Girls being in control! Showing forth their talents, creativity & skills. It was a privilege to share my “Butterfly” story with ya’ll. Be proud of who you are & where you come from. Being different is not weird but that is what makes you Unique. Comment of a young girl (8yrs) back stage: “Thank you, Today I can say.. I’m proud to be a Ghanaian & I’m beautiful” (in dutch).



It’s 08.20 in the morning…! ….. Waiting patiently to officially open the BPV Project week & creatively inspire the students. Giving them the last tools before they enter their new journey (internship). Its an Honor & Privilege -150 students, 50 professional & teachers one place, lets do this! Recap – MD Okai FB post


Inspirational Speaker 13 January 2015
Students of the ROC Bijlmer – Administration & Management support faculty
Several times a year Maame Durowah is the main inspirational speaker at the ROCva

In Dutch ROCvA stands for ‘Regional Community College of Amsterdam’. We are a foundation under Dutch law, initiated by the local and national government in 1997. We service Amsterdam and the nearby townships of Amstelveen, Hoofddorp and Hilversum. 

Like community colleges in other countries we focus on vocational education and training for students from the age of 12 and adults in our region. We are one of the largest community colleges in Europe with approximately 35,000 students; 3,500 part-time and fulltime staff spread over roughly 60 locations. Copyright ROCva 


Student of the Dr. Myles Mentoring Leadership Program. 2013-2014. The one who eventually pushed Maame Durowah to develop the I AM Mentoring Program.



One Night With The King is an annual event in celebration of the birth of Christ. An event organized by Art of Glory. During this festive night they want to honor prominent individuals who have done an outstanding job in their communities, careers, churches etc. This in combination with a delicious dinner and beautiful live music.

On the 28th of December 2014 the Three Wise Men award was presented by Miss Charme Stephanie Duncan Williams, the ambassador of the city council of Amsterdam Southeast.

On this day the founder and project manager of the Brighter Day foundation was honored and awarded with the Ambassador of Christ Award. The Three Wise King awards were also given to Don Ceder & John Angoh – To know about the reason of their awards. Visit:



Maame Durowah Okai –  Ambassador of Christ Award


This is a respected lady in our community who has the seal to impact not only our generation but the whole human race. At the age of 12 she started teaching Sunday school in her church which has contributed to her bible knowledge and has henceforth opened many doors for her. She is the founder of the Brighter Day Foundation, an international social work and community development organization that uses creativity to answer social issues in development countries. As an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and passionate youth minister she is sent to many countries to empower and train different people including ministers of God. She uses her I AM mentoring program to make them find their true identity and restore their relationship with God. Currently, she is very persistent to bring out her first book subtitled as “I have never become who I am”. With her faith, her boldness and her determination, Christ is reflected in everything she does.


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