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Team I AM Bootcamp Editions
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I AM Trainers Team is a union of Motivational Speakers, Personal Life Coaches, Personal Trainers, Social Workers, Food coaches and Relationship Counselors.  The I AM Mentoring Program has guest speakers who frequently join the I AM Bootcamp editions. They share their personal experience, teach and also coach the students in their I AM Journey.


I AM Cynthia Ricardo If you want to learn how to write your personal mission statement, priorities your goals & discover purpose. Are you ready to Boom & Blossom? Stay posted for the upcoming Workshop by Coach Cynthia Ricardo - Founder Boom & Blossom @ Facebook Page: I AM Mentoring Program "I had all my plans & goals in my head but didn't really know where to start. I discovered to be a jack of all trades but a master of none. Due to this I said YES to everything and every offer. In Miss Cynthia's class I noticed I didn't have a clear purpose and vision for my life. She first helped me to understand why it's important to have a purpose in life. I learned that It will help me not to abuse my time, understand my gift and talents & be more focused in reaching goals." I AM Student 2015 IMG_5875  

I AM Maame Durowah Okai

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 11_Fotor Hereby we introduce the person behind the I AM Mentoring Program. Her name is Maame Durowah Okai, she is not only one of the coaches but the founder of the IAM Mentoring Program. The I AM Program was developed out of her own life journey between the age 23-25. At a point of time in her life she felt trapped in her own gifts, failures, potentials, being a jack of all trades....She knew there was a specific purpose for her life but how to get there was yet to be discovered. In 2009 she left the Netherlands and went to live in Ghana. She ran back "Home" and spend months writing about herself, reflecting and having an I AM encounter. Today the young and old from Ghana, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, London are taken part. "Being confronted with yourself is the last thing we look for in life but at the point of time it's required. A time to reflect, discover, let go and make changes were needed. These students are in a journey, have not yet fully discovered their purpose but know in parts. Having all these gift, talents, abilities, character, habits etc. define a perfect creation of oneself. But! When we don't know our value or finding the I AM in us we start to abuse it and let others brand us which leads to dead ends, man made plans and wondering in circles.
Every day is a challenge and seeking after visions of life. Writing them down as we discover parts which will eventually lead to our ultimate purpose. We are not a mistake, not created just to exist but to live Life , leave a legacy and pass on the torch. "Speech by Maame Durowah"

I AM Jennifer Louisa

Jennifer Louisa is the Coordinator of the I AM Bootcamp edition. IMG_5941

I AM Chevelyn Jozefzoon

Chevelyn Jozefzoon is the I AM Administrator. She is one of the first students of the I AM Mentoring program. Chevelyn Jozefzoon started her on Journey in 2013 during the 1st editions in the Netherlands. After the I AM Bootcamp she decided to follow a one year I AM Mentoring course. We have all been a witness of her tremendous growth throughout the years. More info about Chevelyn Imana Jozefzoon follow her on Facebook. IMG_5691