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Maa Lizzy Future Stars School

This is the Story of Aunty Lizzy the Founder of the Maa Lizzy Future stars school. Her story is told by Abigail Agyeiweaa. In the month of April 2014 the team went to visit Aunty Lizzy to know more about the school and the founder herself. This is her story.

Aunty lizzy is a young pretty woman who looks like her 40‘s even though she may be older. Seven years ago by a dream it all began. She stood in front of a blackboard teaching six children in a school uniform. When she woke up from the dream as incredible as it may sound, she got motivated and inspired to help and support wandering children in her vicinity by teaching them the little she knew about math or English.

When she began gathering the wandering kids and orphans in her community she was reported to the police by someone that she was kidnapping kids. She was jailed for some time but after her release and unperturbed, she came back to continue what truly was on her heart. She ensured these kids were fed everyday even though she wasn’t working. Aunty Lizzy told us she will sometimes go and weed somebody’s farm in order to get money to feed the children.


"You can simply say that Aunty Lizzy has love and compassion for children especially orphans. She believes in the future of these children and has hope that they will be leaders who can bring positive change to Ghana." Story by Abigail


This was not suppose to be a school...

Aunty Lizzy is a Christian and apparently the site is also a prayer camp but not used as a prayer camp when school is in session. There are about 450 kids currently in the school and some are transported from neighboring towns which are about 30 to 20 minutes drive away. She pays a public transport driver to bring those kids who are from other towns, in and out of school daily. The orphans and some of the wandering kids are housed by her. They sleep in some tiny wooden structured two rooms provided by her.

According to Aunty Lizzy, when she goes for outreaches and comes in contact with orphans or kids whose parents are alive but negligent about their kids she brings them to her school and takes care of them. Some she says she brought all the way from the northern part of Ghana. There are two official cooks who cook for the kids. The water they drink and use in bathing is from a running river that is close by which recently has been invaded and polluted by some Chinese men in search of Gold in the area. Her personal story may be a lot but this few she shared with us.

The facility was not suppose to turn into a school but as she took care of these kids and as they grew in number, parents in the vicinity brought their children to her school. Some of these parents do not have the funds to take their children to school so they give little money to support her work. She currently has 2 teenagers that have been admitted into the Senior High School. These kids are sponsored by Aunty Lizzy herself.