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 L O V E W A R E H O U S E

"The World that we are living in is filled with Actors. Actors that have never been to Acting School. Wearing Masks of Survival and Secret lives that is only revealed Behind the Scenes." MAD Every quarter of year the Brighter Day tries to Bless a household, familie, individual with a set of clothes & jackets. Many times we see or meet people on the street without knowing the story behind. An individual that walks on the street ashamed to reach out for HELP. We had many Families that knocked on our door for HELP or pretended to collect clothes for someone they know. Not knowing that they were the "familie or person" in need. "I have been wearing the same trousers for the past months but thank God nobody noticed. I found a way to be creative, to roll the pipes up or pull it inside out. There are days I wash it with different "colors" to change the color of my trousers." I AM Mom This year the Brighter Day Foundation will be collecting Clothes & Jackets to be donated to various Households, Families, the Homeless, Orphans in the Netherlands, Belgium, Caribbean's , Africa & Russia.