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The Mission 

The IAM program is to Inspire and Guide individuals to discover their authentic self which will enable them to understand their purpose and maximize potential to impact their family, community and generation. After five years of writing and research the I AM program was developed in January 2012. The I AM program is a mentoring program that helps individuals to work on their personal development.  The ability to  discover, grow, and excel in every area of ones life.  The focus is specifically on the BIG 6 - Spiritual, Physical, Professional, Finance, Personal and Relationship. Spiritual: Fellowship & Lifestyle Physical: Health, Food & Medical Professional:  School, Job, Career, Work, Business/Projects Finance: Saving, Bills, Bookkeeping & Budgeting Personal: Character & Behavior Relationship: Friends, Family, Spouses/Boy-Girlfriend iamshadow Who are you?  In order to personally develop in life it’s important to first be aware of whom you are as an individual. Not just the individual that people say you are but rather what you know about yourself. Many times in life when the question is asked: "Who Are You?" we mostly define ourselves based on an occupation, status or how people see us. The I AM mentoring program takes it a step further by discovering your personal purpose, potential and mission.  It gives clarity how you stand as that unique individual to make a bigger impact in the community,  generation, family or nation. With this program you get the chance to  work on competence that will help you discover “You” and learn how to put “YOU” into practice. Discover You! In 2013 with over 40 participants the I AM Bootcamp and individual mentoring program have been actively taken place in the Netherlands, Ghana and Belgium.  The participants for the past 3 years have been increasing with over 175 students (age 16-40) and enlarged its territories in Jamaica, Germany, England and Italy.  The I AM Program have been privileged to host several seminars at youth & young adult conferences and high schools. For more information please visit our Like Page of Facebook: I AM Mentoring Program or I AM Registration page