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The Sparkle Dance Mission is a department of the Brighter Day Foundation where various dance workshops are taught to individuals and groups. Many people in society express themselves through the writing of songs, music, rally or debates, but the Sparkle Dance Mission wants to create awareness in society through dance and arts. Through words expressed by the movement of the body a message is told.

The Sparkle Dance Mission (“Definition of Sparkle means to: be brilliant in performance” ).The project started in 2008 at an orphanage called “Peace & Love” in Ghana with a group of 12 kids between the ages 6-11 years old. The dance genres in SDM are Jazz Ballet, Lyrical Dance, Street Dance & Stepping.

new project
Reach out a Hand 2008
 Streetdance & Stepping
Lead Choreographers:
Rosanna Jong -Leung Lo Hing
Amenda “Soul Rebel”
Country: Ghana




Sparkle Dance Mission Project in 2013 – Manifest
Drama- Spoken Word – Dance
Lead Choreographer:  Shedu
Assistant Choreographer:

Nora Larbi – Volunteer BDF
Country: The Netherlands


The Beginning of the Sparkle Dance Mission – 2008