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Your personal commitment has been helpful & a Blessing which allowed us to reach our goals.  As part of our appreciation, you will receive a Thank You card from the “Brighter Day” foundation. So don’t forget to send us a mail with your address.

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KCC Network

The Kingdom Citizen Network

The Kingdom Citizen Center was founded in 2018 to help individuals creatively discover their God-given purpose and maximize their potential. The KCC  provides training and counselling programs.

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The Love Warehouse

I have been wearing the same trousers for the past months but thank God nobody noticed. I found a way to be creative.

7×7 Projects

“Three times a year we want to be a blessing to seven households with seven packages of various items”.

Beyond the Prison Gates

 “This is the story of a prisoner we met years ago. Many are forgotten and their voices are not being heard”.