The Story Behind the Brighter Day Foundation

The Brighter Day is a foundation that develops creative, social and community projects. We are an organization that serves to raise awareness and speak on social issues to empower individuals and communities.

In the year 2008, a passion was developed which would be the beginning of this foundation called the “Brighter Day”. Our founder, Maame Durowah often travelled around the world for the holidays. During her trips, she would randomly visit orphanages, projects and volunteer her time by giving back to the community.

She met different individuals and communities who were going through challenges; e.g. lack of financial aid, learning disabilities, handicap, rejection, homelessness, sickness, injustice, loss or death and were not receiving the support needed at “the moment”. Reasons like this made it hard for some individuals to see the Brighter Day of Life.

Yet, Maame Durowah also encountered another set of people who proved that there are no limitations. She was touched and noticed that activities centred on basic need programs, performing and creative arts made a huge impact. They became motivated and driven; quickly realizing that their conditions or environment could not hold them back.

The Brighter Day foundation took the opportunity in 2008 to find creative ways to reach out, educate, raise funds and develop projects. After 5 years of working behind the scenes, in 2013 Maame Durowah eventually took the step to register the Brighter Day Foundation in The Netherlands. The mission of this foundation is to put a smile on somebody’s face by their creative and educational works, knowing that there is a Brighter Day.


The Brighter Day is a foundation that develops creative social and community projects to raise awareness, impact and speak out about social issues. At the Brighter day foundation, we focus on the less privileged and vulnerable in the community.

About the Founder

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve and support communities by setting up food programs, creative and educational projects. Helping individuals to discover their personal purpose and embrace their ‘Gift of Life’ which will be their ‘Voice of Change’.

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