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Maame Durowah Okai-Downer is a Dutch-Ghanaian living in the Netherlands. Married to Daniel Wesley Downer. She is the founder and project manager of the Kingdom Citizen Center – training and counselling agency and the Brighter Day Foundation, an international social work & community development organization. A mentor that creatively inspires and guides individuals to discover their authentic self which enables them to understand their purpose, to impact their family, community, and generation.

Maame Durowah develops and provides practical leadership programs to empower and raise leaders, individuals, and organizations. The ” I AM Mentoring Program” is a Personal Inspirational Development program that inspires and guides individuals and groups to creatively discover their authentic self and make an effective impact with their Gift of Life and Voice of Change. The” I AM Mentoring Program” has successfully taken place in various countries; The Netherlands, Italy, Jamaica, Belgium, Germany, and England.

Maame Durowah works as a Social Worker & Family Counselor in the Netherlands. She also gives workshops to professionals about Culture Diversity & Cross Culture Communication. She is an international speaker who shares her faith and life story. She is the author – of ‘ I have never become who I AM’, A journey in Finding YOU, and co-author and developer of the “My Story ‘This is Us!” workbook, that is specially developed for children and three generations to reflect on identity development and cultural diversity in families and communities.

Traveller, there is no way, you make the way yourself’. This is the adage of the Sunday morning television program Het Vermoeden. Marleen Stelling meets enthusiastic Protestants – from world improver to seeker, from an inspired believer to a spiritual nomad. This year Maame Durowah Okai was featured at “Het Vermoeden” on national Dutch television.

A burnout has not extinguished the passion of this family coach and pastor from the Bijlmer. She is 32 years old and dances, preaches and helps without any limitations. Today I am on the road with Maame Durowah Okai. “Breaking the status quo” is Maame’s motto. As a child of Ghanaian parents – but born and raised in the Netherlands – she effortlessly combines these cultures and goes her own way. It regularly raises eyebrows, especially within the Ghanaian community. She followed her heart and became a social worker. Now she coaches families with social problems. Not exactly a job that deserves status and prestige in the Ghanaian community. In the secular world of her work, Maame regularly tries to show something of her great source of inspiration: her faith in God. She discreetly shares the wisdom she finds in the Bible. “Mr. James says: be quick to listen and slow to speak.”

Het Vermoeden, On the 22nd of April , 2018 at 11.30 am, NPO 2  Full Video Click Here


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The I AM mentoring program takes you a step further by discovering your personal purpose, potential and mission. It gives clarity how you stand as that unique individual .

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