The “7×7” Gift Box mission is a charitable cause that started through the “LOVE WAREHOUSE” Clothes drop-off project. In 2017 the BDF started the clothes drop off, a project in Amsterdam Southeast and Zaandam, the Netherlands. This was to create awareness in the community of families who do not have the necessary funds to buy clothes.

“Families of five to eight people living on minimum wage in a three-bedroom apartment; trying daily to put food on the table. If they needed help with basic needs items, they had to seek government support which required filling out many forms and answering questions……. which made them feel ashamed”.

Every year the LOVE WAREHOUSE collected brand new and second-hand clothes which were distributed to various families and the homeless. Some families and individuals stayed in contact with the foundation and on regular basis received packages of clothing.

Various homes were helped, and many stories were shared. The perseverance of the families and individuals encouraged the Brighter Day Foundation to do even more than just donate clothes.

The “7×7” gift box mission was born. Every year, seven households or more would get a gift box with basic need items and special gifts. People were assigned to donate 7 of each item such as toilet rolls, wipes, diapers, cooking oil, bags of rice, toothbrushes etc.

Households were nominated by various people from the community, family members and teachers who believed the selected household deserved a Gift Box filled with LOVE. This project became a trend, and many partners, organizations and individuals joined this mission to this day.


Remember your Donation brings a Smile to an Individual, Generation & Community. “Keep on sowing your seed, for you never know which will grow — perhaps it all will.” Albert Einstein

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