EBOLA Epidemic


This has been our headlines for the past few weeks. Yet another epidemic has found it’s way into our lives. Even if you are not infected by the disease nor living in that part of Africa. Still you are confronted with the Ebola virus via social media, the news and daily papers.  It’s important to stay alert in what is happening in our nations and create awareness for it. 

The Ebola epidemic is moving faster than the authorities can handle. The best way we can be off help is to provide information about this disease in our communities.  To know more about the Ebola Virus please check the following information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebola_virus_disease ©

” I Am a Ebola Survivor!”

For the past weeks we have been hearing allot about the Ebola disease & it’s destructive move in the NEWS. Many have died or are infected; yet some are kept in isolation waiting for treatment.
Our prayers & support goes out to the doctors, nurses, volunteers and families.

We also believe it’s good to know and hear there are SURVIVORS. This is worth sharing to let the world know, all hope is not lost. We salute you!


Fatmata and her daughter Tata. © UNICEF Sierra Leone/2014/Dunlop

Stories about the survivors please visit the Unicef blog page from Jo Dunlop a UNICEF consultant based in Sierra Leone© http://blogs.unicef.org/2014/08/07/ebola-in-sierra-leone-the-joy-of-survivors/