The Peace & Love Kids

In 2008 a group of young girls went to volunteer at the Peace & Love Orphanage in Ghana.. The project was called “reach out a hand!” and was sponsored by X-plore and PLAN Nederland. They started projects with singing, dancing, poetry, fashion and much more.


At the beginning of 2009, there was increased scrutiny from the media about Peace & Love orphanage. There were accusations made on how the Orphanage was being run. This eventually led to a close down by the Social Welfare Department in Ghana of the Orphanage in 2009. The children were divided, sent to various orphanages in the country and some were even adopted.

After hearing the shocking news in the media, some of the previous volunteers of Peace & Love Orphanage decided to go on a search for the kids they had grown to love. However, after a disappointing few years with little to no progress, the search ended in 2012. Until one day in 2013 a WhatsApp message was sent to one of the volunteers…“Hi teach how are you doing?, we have been looking for you”. One of the kids from the Orphanage had reached out!

2013-12-20 01.16.26

A moment that will never be forgotten. Without any hesitation, the volunteers decided to visit them. The search of finding the Peace & Love Orphanage kids was over. Of the sixty kids, 7 were found and all in good health. Some still had their baby faces, now only taller and bigger.

The Brighter Day team in Ghana will continue to stay in touch with the 7 kids and will share their stories soon. Stay posted!