My Name Is Chevelyn Imana Jozefzoon And……?

This is the story of Miss Chevelyn Imana Jozefzoon. A girl of 19 years who has not only completed the I AM bootcamp but decided to take part of the Level 4 Self Leadership class. After 12 months of intensive training; we were privileged to witness her graduation day on the 9th of august 2014.


After every completed level the students are assigned to make a personal I AM Diary about their experiences. This is the Diary of Miss Chevelyn – My I AM Diary


A wise man builds his house on a solid rock

On the 24th of November 2013 the 1st Youth Group/Church graduated from the IAM program.  The ceremony took place at the church called the Praise Valley Temple HQ. On this day 15 students received their certificate of successfully completing the required “Bootcamp training”.

This is the testimonial of one student:

“The bible says that a wise man builds his house on a solid rock, and that is what I’ve been doing the past months which was building “me” to be that house standing on a solid rock. During the” I am program”  I have learned not to only look at my spiritual life, but to get all other aspects of my life in order (Big Six: personal, financial, relationship, spiritual, physical and professional) …….

So I encourage the young people to join this program and start building themselves to be houses standing on a solid rock.

E.A.  Makenda


From Miss I don’t Know to now I know!

It was an honor to have this young lady in our program. She started as a shy lady and said “I don’t know?!” to every question asked. After her breakthrough, she was ready to go beyond her limitations, faced reality and took a risk. A risk that changed her Journey into “Now I know!”.

Today on the 26th of July2014  it’s our great pleasure to present a certificate of achievement to Miss Louisa Obeng. As her vote of thanks she wrote a spoken word:

Louisa O

Once upon a Time, not a very Long Time,
I was Lost, so tossed by the Wind,
that it blew me to sin,
In darkness I Lived,
Then came the Light,
It was quite Bright,
but it gave me Insight

It taught me how to make a Cloudmap
It explained to me what a BIG 6 is
It taught me how to Save
It taught me the difference between a Mission and Vision
Most of all it taught me how confront my Emotions

Just Like a Exam
A Life Exam
Finding out Who you are!

I AM Louisa Obeng

Click on my name Louisa Obeng & you will see my video Diary